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We are known for our high quality products and efficient after sales support and have earned excellent reputation in Domestic Market. We make products as per the customized needs of our customers. We are supported by a team of trained after-sales/service professionals and have a very wide distribution network. With our well equipped manufacturing plant, highly efficient & experienced staff, we further assure our clients for consistent product quality. We also provide technical assistance for process optimization on client side which results into reduced maintenance costs and increased output.

We pay a lot of attention on quality control in all the aspects of products. We carry out a number of quality tests to ensure metallurgical/chemical composition, dimensional and mechanical controls of final products fabricated by us. We carry out mechanical/NDT testing, tensile testing, ultrasonic testing and related tests. The welding process is carried out by (MMA / TIG) manual metallic arc or Tungsten insert Gas welding by qualified welders as per position welds (1G, 2G, 6G, upheel). The welding joints are tested through Dye Penetrate test and Radiography if required by the customers.

Quality Measurement Parameters:

Raw material Inspection:
1 The MS/SS Plates/ Pipes are codified.
2 Graphical representation of each code to maintain record of material consumption
3 Chemical & Physical properties of each heat is noted.
4 Welding Procedure/ Welder Qualification Test
5 Release Note for further cutting processes which is issued after getting chemical and physical testing clearance reports.
Stage Inspection:
1 Edge preparation/ Joint fit up<
2 Back chip & D.P.
3 Fit up joints, L/S & C/S, nozzles, pads, air test radiography (IES specified after both side welds L/S, C/S, Spot/ Full) Final Assembly/Hydro Test.